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I think we're superstars

You say you think we are the best thing

kc felix
KC Felix, 18, idealist.

I believe that we are who we are because of the influence of the people around us-- family, friends, even the people in our not-so-fond-of list. I love random things, I pay attention to detail, and I always digress. Laughing is always a part of my day. I laugh at the funniest and shallowest things. I like post its and colorful pens and doodles. I am an idealist and I hope that I do not lose this idealism when I plunge into the real world. I am a Junior Communication Arts student majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. I am fascinated by out-of-home advertising. I love night drives, food trips, and dvd marathons. And I love how this portion of livejournal brings out the conceitedness in everyone. Cheers!